Story Submission

Submit your real-life erotic, and romantic, experiences for an adult version of a bedtime story on our regularly scheduled podcast series, Nite Stories. Stories are naughty, wild, bizarre, sweet, hilarious, and, above all, sexy. Although we prefer true accounts from our listeners, Nite Stories will accept fictional stories as well.


Feel free to be as uninhibited as possible when submitting your real-life adventures. Everyone who submits a story will be anonymous. 


Nite Stories’ Youtube channel focuses on content for a general audience. Therefore, please send stories free from vulgar words or highly explicit descriptions. Please continue to be as suggestive as possible! 


Please send your general audience Youtube stories to the email below:



The Nite Stories member supported Patreon page will feature more explicit content. Feel free to be as outrageous as possible on our Patreon page. 


Send your x-rated stories, most real and some fictional, to the email below:



Understand that if you contribute content to us, you are giving Nite Stories permission to both broadcast and publish your content.